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At​​​ HANDYMAN BACK TO BACK SERVICES, we offer premier interior handyman services. Our technicians have the skills and expertise to complete any home maintenance, repair, and improvement service. Don’t let small issues with your home stress you out or interrupt your busy life. Our technicians are here to help. Homeowners can rely on BACK TO BACK SERVICES to complete any handyman service.

Here some of our services: 

Replace smoke detectors, Replace and clean dryer vents, Clean out crawlspaces, Replace doors and entrance sets, Install bathroom fixtures, Pressure washing homes walkways and driveways, Clean gutters and downspouts, Clean roofs, Rodent proofing, Replace window screens, Furniture assembly, Clean fridge radiators, Install shelves,Replace cabinet handles, Dry rot repairs, etc.

Everyone wants a beautiful, functional bathroom in their home. When you BTB Handyman, we can tackle all your remodeling, renovation, or maintenance tasks at once! We are your one-stop solution for all your bathroom service needs. From repairing tile cracks to restoring grout or installation of a moisture-removing fan to prevent mould and mildew, we do it all. When you call on us, you can expect more than just on time and quality work-you can expect exceptional workmanship that's guaranteed!

When,  you want some kind of woodwork done, whether for decorative or practical purposes, you would need a carpenter’s services. Carpentry, as you know, involves those wood experts who are experts at building long-lasting, durable and stunning looking furniture and other items. But is it all about building stuff out of wooden blocks or is there something else associated with the profession?

Our BTB carperter generally construct, erect, install, and repair wooden structures and fixtures.

However, they might often build and install structures and fixtures made of materials other than woods.

Although you may not think of them often, doors are a critical component of your home’s functionality and aesthetic. 
Our interior and exterior door installation services can improve your home's curb appeal and value while also saving you energy with doors that fit and function properly.

Many factors impact interior and exterior door installation and repair costs. No matter what kind of door you need to be repaired or replaced, you can count on guaranteed results with BTB Handyman’s highly-skilled craftsmen.

HANDYMAN BTB electrical services include electrical repair, ceiling fan services, and lighting services. Common electrical problems can be taken care of by BTB. BTB technicians can install and replace ceiling fans within your home with ease. Light fixtures including recessed and LED lighting can be replaced and installed with the help of an BTB technician.

At BTB handyman services, we offer flooring installation and repair services. An BTB can help homeowners choose a flooring material that will fit their interior aesthetic and needs. Homeowners can pick from high-quality flooring materials such as wood, stone, tile, carpet, vinyl, and a variety of other materials. BTB technicians have the expertise and experience to repair any material flooring.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, BTB has you covered. At BTB, the remodeling process begins with a comprehensive consultation appointment. The BTB technician will meet with the homeowner to discuss their ideal aesthetic, needs, budget, and timeline. The BTB technician will then create a remodeling plan customized to the homeowner’s specifications. From the start of the project to completion, BTB guarantees quality results for every remodel. 

HANDYMAN BTB offers professional painting services for our customers. Painting the inside of the home can transform and breathe life into a room. BTB technicians can paint any size room or home. From painting prep work to applying the paint, BTB is here to help you with your next painting project.

HANDYMAN BTB technicians specialize in residential plumbing services and repairs. BTB technicians can help homeowners repair a leaky faucet, install a new toilet, and replace a broken garbage disposal. Residential plumbing services also include sink installation and repair, bathroom repair, and sump pump installation. BTB technicians will thoroughly evaluate each plumbing issue to identify the root of the problem.

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